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In 2006, Chicago Red Eye relationship columnist Gina B. came to interview my husband Fletch and me after the release of my first memoir, BITTER IS THE NEW BLACK. Eight hours, and as many bottles of wine later, we all decided to become the best of friends.


By day, host Gina B. is a high-level executive recruiter. By night, she's a skin care entrepreneur, having created her own line of holistic products called Naturals by Gina B. She's also a media personality, as an active member of Chicago's Six Brown Chicks blogging team. Gina always has the scoop on the most happening clubs, the best live music, and the hottest restaurants, in Chicago, New York, and LA.  Gina is tied for first as the smartest person I know.  (Hi, Tracey!) 


As you probably know, I've written fifteen books, including memoir, women's contemporary fiction, and young adult novels, which is why it pretty much takes an act of Congress to get me to leave the suburbs and come down to the city. I can tell you nothing about happening clubs, music, or restaurants, but everything about which grocery store has the best organic produce. I am usually putting on pajamas when Gina is going out.


Despite being polar opposites on paper, Gina and I agree on everything, save for our feelings about J. Lo. And really, how often does she come up?


We are damn lucky to have the services of DJ Lee Farmer, co-owner of The TCG Collective, mixing our sound and playing us in and out of breaks with his original music.

Instead of recording an audiobook for my new memoir, I decided to do a podcast. (Frankly, it sounded more fun.) The first fifteen episodes will feature a quick preview of STORIES I'D TELL IN BARS and our show will be inspired by the content, and will feature special guests. (Mostly Fletch and bourbon.) 


So join us in our new podcast STORIES WE'D TELL IN BARS, which is all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of bullshit.



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